The Fish that came on the Banks 

The Fish that came on the Banks 

The river had been flowing for years together,
fish swam along in bliss with pleasure 
sometimes even upstream they went to deliver. 

Settlements happened along the banks 
a village came beside with a temple and ghat, 
She was the goddess highly respected.
One who gave water to drink and to fertilize the soil.. 
Farming and agriculture brought  prosperity 
& soon it became a well-known town. 

Then came houses, apartments factories and offices , 
Dams were built to get tap-water to suffice
people turned their backs to their immediate surround
Soon to become a city abound .
with Endless possibilities and dreams 
Which soon were turning into fancy whims . 

Shops, restaurants, hotels, n eateries, 
food in wrappers and water in the bottles 
Trash trash everywhere, 
now in the river  all it would go
Chemicals soaps and  detergents for hygiene, 
Ironically seeped  toxins downstream

The river could not breath 
with hyacinth it was choking 
Few kind hearts saw its plight
gathered together to clean and strive,  
Thus the fish got some hope in disguise ..
 it emerged on the banks to share its delight.. 

Trees of Loyola

Essay for 3rd Std , January 15th 2019

20 sentences /2 mins. Speech/250 words / 513 words


Friends! We all know that trees are important for our environment. They not only give us food, wood, shade, clean air, fuel and provide many other benefits but they also support life of other creatures such as birds, animals , insects et., So knowing more about the wonderful world of trees is amazing. And what better than knowing the ones around us. 

Our own beautiful campus has lot of Trees. 

So today, I would like to talk about the Trees in our campus i.e. TREES of Loyola. 

The First tree I like is right outside my classroom. Growing taller than our building it is a coniferous tree i.e. having needle shaped leaves called Araucaria cookii. It is popularly called as Christmas Tree as people decorate the tree during Christmas.

There is large banyan tree in the Parking which is call ‘VAD’ in Marathi. It is special and unique because of its roots. Its roots grow long from the branches & go into ground to become a trunk again. The tree is worshipped by Hindus. It is also home to many birds and insects who love its fruits. 

The next one is very colorful tree with a lot of Pink flowers called paper flowers.  Though it may feel like a Tree to small children like me but my mother tells me it’s actually a Shrub called Bougainvillea. Be careful while touching this plant, as there are thorns which may prick you. 

Behind these are 3 Nilgiri trees which can be easily identified with silvery white bark. It gives us the Eucalyptus oil which is commonly used for relief from cold.  

Then there are coconut trees on the swimming pool which remind me of the sea and beach when I’m in water. 

There is Neem tree near the play area. Though it tastes very sour, it is very important for many medicinal uses. 

There is two very large and magnificent pair of trees near the office ramp those stand like guards. These are called Tabebuia rosea or Pink Trumpet trees that blossom in winters. 

There are also many trees all over hills which get lilac-pink flowers in winters. These are Gliricidias. Because of its poisonous roots, it keeps away rats and other rodents away hence also called Undirmari. But there is other problem. These trees are very pretty but also dangerous, as they don’t allow any other plants to grow under them. Such plants are called invasive. Hence should not be planted. 

There are lots many other trees which I wish to know about. But that’s for later. 

Meanwhile I would like to share an extract from a poem by Joyce Kilmer.


I think that I shall never see
A poem lovely as a tree

A tree that looks at God all day
And lifts her leafy arms to pray,

A Tree that may in summer wear
A nest of robins in her hair

Poems were made by fools like me
But only God can make a tree!



ती शब्द  .. तो अर्थ
तो चित्र, ती रंग.. 
ती खिडकी,तो भिंत 
तो स्थैर्य ती स्वच्छंद

ती आग, तो रेती 
ती वारा … तो समुद्र
तो आकार, ती आकाश
 तो धरती.. ती धारा ..
नि  मातीचा  सुगंध
तो हळवा तरी  सूर्य 
ती स्वप्न.. तो दर्शन..... 
ती शोध तो दिशा 
ती तारा कि  प्रतिबिंब

तो व्यग्र, ती  मग्न,
ती  निर्मळ  .. तो खोल
तो जतन..ती  जीवन 
ती सत्य. .तो सत्व
ती उत्कंठा, तो धीर ..
तो अगाध.. ती  अथांग .. 
तो संथ ..अनंत 

ती स्वातंत्र्य, तो जिव्हाळा 
जरी   अंतर ..
तरी  आधार  निरंतर..

SETU: Space Ensemble de Time

SETU: Space Ensemble de Time

Year 2468 , master architects Forman Noster and Roward Hawk presided over The World
United-Earth forum. They sat across a holographic table on the 786th floor of the recently
engineered Space-scaper alongwith a classified group of pundits which included AI wizards,
genius structural-designers, material scientists et al. An unprecedented disaster, stricken by
man’s supremacy versus the wondrously understated genius of nature led to an endless debate
in an emotionless space.
The ‘Thinking-ways’ which levitated over the rising sea levels had melted due to the frictional
heat generated by Mobilobots. Overtime, these supersonic networks had gained unsurpassable
momentum. Chaotic magnetic fields triggered a blast that collaterally damaged precious ocean
ecosystems, the only resource left on earth to harness food and oxygen.
The smart floating pads of ‘plastique-fantastique’ connected the islands which sifted and
rotated while realigning themselves as per the neo-traffic movements. They seeked to work in
cognisance with the elements while serving humankind. With this new wave of Artificial
Intelligence, the earth had become a pointillist mosaic that mutated with its inhabitants and

The 19thC Chotuleca bridge incident in Honduras had taught the earthlings a lot. Hurricane
Mitch devastated the Caribbeans. Apparently, the bridge remained intact on location but the
storm caused the river to change its path. The place had thus become a symbolic monument of
constantly changing environment. This led to an innovative desire to create

landscape-engineered dynamic structures that would adapt and evolve with the elements.

Post 21stC pandemic, the Asio-African continents were struggling to upgrade their
infrastructure, borrowing world class technologies. Amidst ambitious transformation towards
uptight plush-looking townscapes, initiatives like furniture farmer Munro Gavins experiments
with botanical-architecture faced obscurity in an ignorant society.

The lands were becoming steely tiers of air-conditioned habitation, dust-free, virus-n-bacteria
safe, micro-organism devoid, crisply manicured spaces on a ‘grey-blue planet’.

In the Devonian times , certain celestial creatures called Vrikshas’ thrived on this landscape
giving way to bountiful resources. They bestowed a unique identity to the earth in her solar
system by their colourful presence garnering recognition as the blue-green planet. Vrikshas’
were ultimate providores; manufacturing food-n-wood, filtering air, shelter, materia-medica
upto fuel whence fossiled. Having acquired spiritual benevolence, they supposedly had become indispensable entities for other inhabitants .
However, their modest existence had become feebler through centuries. For Vrikshas’, it had
now become a battle of sustenance. Their populace shrunk to the least invasive, imprisoned
greenscape fearful to sprawl. Few fellow beings perished after a continuous struggle, others in
captivity hoped for revolution. They were confused and worried! They couldn’t figure out; what
went wrong? -were they overly generous to be enslaved? What had been their mistake?!
They communicated through an invisible coded network of underground links. In the 19thC, a
crazy human scientist J.C. Bose had unsuccessfully attempted to decode this language for his
fellow humans who couldn’t comprehend it then.
Later, few hopeful homosapiens strived for their protection. A sort of a wave of rebellion
conspired at random locations across the world. The S.E.T.U. (Scientific Environmental Terrorist
Umbrella) largely demanded linking these isolated spurts of activism into a robust network of

knowledge-exchange that would conscientiously protect their allies- the Vrikshas’.

In 29thC , the tribes of Khasi and Jaintia hills revisited their native planet from the
post-apocalyptic warship, in search of ancestral wisdom. A disjuncted pocket of land beyond
the Hima mountains with limitless rain showers, a place called ‘poonji’ meaning accumulated
wealth. They seeked to learn from the Indian relics, some sort of elusive bridge structures that
were built without using any nails or adhesive material but with living roots of trees. The
Mawlynpong secret services had messaged about these uniquely surviving celestial entities who used to live in consortium with the tribes. Even the demonous land and treacherous water

elements had to surrender to this alliance of humans and Vrikshas. They had fought a war with
love and patience. All came to a consensus, acknowledging and harnessing each others
strength for betterment. The Dieng jri (Ficus) clan of Vrikshas’ had settled on the water-edge.
They had learnt to become pliable and grow roots in air. The humans guided these roots into
networks that connected the other bank. This gave residing creatures bridges to trespass in the
flood prone area. The tribes mended, tended, healed and regrew symbiotically with these
‘Breathing Setu’s’ or ‘living-roots-bridges’. A place where no material structures could be built,
here they came to terms with the elements and taught the world compassionate collaboration.
Here, SETU’s were built in the minds centuries ago…

-Prachi Chopade



10 Days, 10 friends, 10 learnings, 10 unlearnings What the lockdown Dasara gave me recently !

10 Days, 10 friends, 10 learnings, 10 unlearnings ..

 ..What the lockdown recently gave me! 

…While being overwhelmed by the sudden lockdown, i got a chance to indulge into the quick and easy, love for art.. It had been years and simple easy drawing and sketching for the sake of it.. Something i dint know i had been missing,  found it back.. It gives u a quick escape, and sort of an  instant pleasure.. i am pretty laid back that ways rather lazy.. yet..i keep snatching these pleasure monents fir my personal self as and whenever i can..

Most women around me caught in worldly chores were probably in the same boat.. ( but not as lazy 😉 !) Wudnt they be overstressed…?! So it was also about wanting to know more of it..Also, this joy i wished to share with the others. 

Navratri was a good occasion to share this.. 

Thus a theme event was sought to celebrate this with the women in the society. And on account of Ashtami, saturday 24th oct women of Sylvan CHS,decided to join hands to create a Collaborative painting of DEVI. 

Wanting to share joy in art was the larger objective, Doing it with the women  and making new friends in process was the aim.. 

The activity wasnt something new for me. We had done large paintings on studio walls ( in my old house) and even  as architecture students in college had worked in groups.. But the experiment here was doing it with not so known crowd, who were not trained per se..

With a bit a of persuasion, few pitched in

 i barely managed to gather a group of 10 odd (partly hesitant) women joined it.  With impromptu joinees.. It got even more exciting.. With changes in timings a little worrisome.. With a lot of questions-reassuring..

By evening it all came together in one place.. The Ahaa moment.. !! All in all a successful event if i may boast so.. and the pictures and dp’s will be testimony to it.. 

Well, It was to be a relatively simple task, to enlarge a beautiful large painting of goddess Durga..but learnings from this excercise were multilayered. Some which i will try to account here.. More so in terms of team work..because that was the part relatively new to me, since  i haver worked in a corporate before. 

Well, 10 different Individuals (women) are totally different  and each dispenses one or more attributes on Team learning & trust me, each & every one counts!! .. 

So here we go..

1. Some come with great confidence & poise in self (to drive, a sort of can be seen in their eyes ) show trust in them & they will own it for you.. 

2. Some have Great belief in what they take up.. Take up very seriously…diligence! So they are the backbone. 

3. Every project ( even art) is a technical project. It needs to be implemented systematically. But its not just managing project, its about managing people. Only 3-4 ppl can be managed at time by an individual. . Beyond that make sub groups. 

4. Those who genuinely wish to be a part will by somehow desirously contribute. Such gesture will boost your spirit.. 

5. Unexpected yet instinctive suggestions, may just add the unexpected cherry on the cake. Knowingly adopting them can be a wise decision. 

 6. what is more important on a journey is the company. Some may not be the light or the guiding path, they are there to help you confront the darkness..

7. Those who might have shown the most hesitance and reluctance might just be your most reliable fall back.. 

8. Those who are commited & involved  will go out of the way to support the project. 

9. Few might actually  gain from the task that you actually intended for – purpose achieved, goal reached..!! 

10. Its important that we should not be missing the fun & joy element  while being caught up in the task.. That is actually what you will cherish  later.. 

In a nutshell, When you want to conduct tasks in lesser time rather achieve results that are larger than that  in an  individual capacity then you need to work in teams..hence knowing the value of your team becomes utmost important.. 

UnLearnings for self: 

Professional / Personal: 

1.When you convert your interests & liking in a profession, then passion starts becoming work.. Sometimes its better to keep bread-butter & hobby seperate. 

2. Joy of creative endeavours -Engaging in projects with  Longer timespans one may tend to loose interest in creative endeavours, hence involvement in people than projects can be more engaging and may help retain interest in the project so as to not  miss out on the fun element .. 

3.However creative you illusionise  your work ( “passion”) to be, it is still at the mercy of time, money, client & dependant on other externalities..

4. Art can be self indulging for few ( extremists) but for most it is incomplete without human acknowledgement. ( in the form of participation, reaction, response, appreciation.) 

5. However forward thinking we may think we are, as woman, even today, taking time out merely for self comes with a certain kind of understated guilt.. 

6. Most (women) can never take anything casually .. care, nurture, celebrate life responsibly , joy of giving n sharing.. are their inherent qualities.. 

7.What can be achieved by individual endevaour cannot be as pleasurous as when done together by joining hands..We are social animals by end of the day.. 

8.Although the process is important, if end result is good,nothing matters how you have reached there. So, its ok worry about it. keep proofing it.. (phal ka chintan karo! ) 

9. Certain errors cannot be corrected, they can be ignored. Learn to live with them. -Look at the big picture. 

10. End result are for others, your own learnings happen in the process. 

  • Prawaha, 

Pune (27/10/2020) 

An Argumentative Rationale-to Baba

An Argumentative Rationale….One for the 1st Man in My life!

8th June 2020

Its been14 yrs today.. that a new man was about to enter my life.. Untill 26, whole life that was financially and emotionally circled around the other,  who isnt going to be there anymore.. I still recall the doubts and anxiety my father had expressed , knowing what the sustenance of our profession was like would be 2 birds in the bush.  Being a techie by heart n soul and not just by the books, he would weigh  a given scenario for its risks, advantages probable failures ANALYSE a situation be it any decision, work, home, family (relations) at all places.. Getting his dear daughter married to a software engg was the  obvious choice of a wise man  with an opportunity that prevailed through an arranged- marriage scenario. And yet he put all his doubts behind the bars & stood by my instincts only to support the decision i was taking while warning me of the realities. Dont know what prompted him to come to an agreement (without any of his favourite  argumentative discussions)  which i am sure he never regretted. 

With as much rationale  my decision to pursue further studies was respected and supported. Conventionally, when he was financially independent after 3 yrs of engineering to serve a single corporate for 24 long years of his life, my 7+ yrs of education did not have valid justification or explanation as to how it would benefit my future in any tangible form. I had no answers for it  then and  yet he defied his logics and came along all the way to the cities where I was supposed to interview for my admissions. ( did someone say pampering ?! ) Well upon securing the admissions I was happy and yet again in doubt whether it was worth spending that much on further education as even i dint have answers to the questions he had raised before. So i said we will pay fees later, to which he was like – are you alright , you have got admission but there are 60 others who havent. Do u know how crucial an achievement that is and you think it’s easy?and paid my fees.No discussion.  

Final year graduation thesis is a wonderful memory where we both visited a small town called Karnal in Haryana. Until then the importance of writing  formal letters  to the authorities was not known to me. He not just taught me that but helped me gain a warm invitation to the institute ensured a smooth data collection at NDRI while accompanying me at all places to a lesser known town in one corner of the country. We even indulged into a Grade-3 cinema hall to catch up on some random Amitabh Bacchan & Akshay kumar starrer ‘EK RISHTA- a bond of love’ based on a father-son relationship. 

Together we witnessed the strong economic drift  while riding in the  hand carted cycle rickshaws  only to notice elderly men doing the ordeal. 

Alongwith also comes an image of the trip carved on my memory forever, The grove of Amaltas on the hostel campus and sighting a snow white barn owl in the moonlight.  

When you pursue architecture, the whole family becomes half architects..all five years , my early morning pinning up of portfolios was his task not to mention model making in the initial years. And i would so hate his question at night before going to sleep ‘ How long are you going to take?’ when i had not even begun working!  He was as much a part of our group submissions on ‘Mobile sculpture’ as my friends. 

Prior that, I hardly remember him indulging in any school academics unless asked for some specific math concepts that required explanation. He would barely know when our exams were happening. Probably because he was touring a lot then. Only twice that he mentioned, before the SSC board exam prelims, that these are the only 2 months you have got , after that for 2 yrs no one is going to ask you to study. And after 2 yrs there was another statement which hit me like this , ‘this is it’ give in your best. All this also came with stories of his childhood like taking his best friend for a movie during his own board exams. While he was prepared for his Maths paper,  his friend had failed! His friend till date would recall this with great Humour. 

Him being a movie buff, we could watch all Jackie chans and Arnolds , Steven Speilsbergs either in Cinema Halls  – or on a rented videotapes and video players as was in earlier days.  Marathi movies in Plaza and Theatre at Shivaji Mandir . He would be so excited with the video game console which had just entered the market then that we barely  got the opportunity to play it when he was around. A crazy crossword enthusiast he would have his marathi dictionaries by the side..  We often got amused to see a diligent  student, when he would sincerely pursue his hobby for the upcoming Derbies, for which he  learnt accessing various websites in his 70s a database for drawing the correct probabilities . He had his own ways of enjoying himself and also, would love to have some sparsely selective company for Drinks. Having People around, would call for celebrations on the house!  Be it his favourite Tomato Omlette or a cup of very strong coffee. His lunchbox was also a compact full meal which wouldnt be complete without Curd-rice. This Dahi-bhaat association had become a popular entity  amongst his colleagues who belonged to various states. Yet with all his outstation-tourings that he would crave for home food  , he would still take us for dinners in restaurants upon insistance (again this was not a common trend in any of the nearby houses and going out for food was a rarity in those days) 

Same was the case with ‘Bulbul Tarang’ a rare musical instrument he had self-learnt on which he would strum the  bollywood plectrum hits. At some point I struggled to learn but couldnt -To facilitate he even got a few tiny booklets with number keys for songs and later an electric keyboard.. some how a skill i never managed to acquire. But we all used to gather and love listening to him. I still remember those white  round keys inside the black box and colourful heart shaped plectrums were so attractive. 

Just to realise he was so passionate about whatever he did. He did not have a guru or a mentor that I recall. Most of his way of life was self learnt and self acquired. 

One thing that i wish I had acquired from him was perseverance and diligence.  

Guess he had a revelation to  the philosophy of Om Namah Shivay -’I honour the divinity within myself’

He was not a Religious person at all , but not an atheist either. He never prayed to God on a daily basis and we would visit temples only as part of our sojourns. Except Shikhar shingnapur, our Kuldevat near Phaltan, a Shiva Temple which we visited often.  A rare co-incidence in the names both of his  son-in-laws Mahesh and Umesh ! we would tease him they were blessings of that Shiva. He would like to visit Shiva temples and I do too.. And i feel weirdly satisfied to have taken him to Pataleshwar in March , just before the lockdown and before he went to Mumbai. 

We both shared the same Moon sign – Aquarius, which often would provoke us to indulge into arguments for no specific reasons on random subjects, to enjoy the harmless game with heated debates on silly topics at times for prolonged hours just-for-the-sake-of-it until mom would intervene to question the benefit of this ‘waste of time’ ! 

Genetically , I get my Left -handedness from him and also the extremely unreliable sense of direction, a goofed-up GPS.   But we both loved travelling except that he was a very systematic go by the plan person.

In 2007@60+ , on the New years eve, we did a family trek of 27 kms in a Day at Shikharji , a Jain pilgrimage in Jharkhand and it wont be an exaggeration to say  he was more fitter than any of us then. 

He had first travelled internationally to Germany when he was 10-11 yrs old. It was a rarity to travel abroad then- his visit became a carnival back home when he left & returned.  The house was so filled up with wonder stories that would keep repeating to every visitor . And he was in love with the Tulip garden and for years said that he wanted to show that to Aai. Well they did go and did manage to see the Tulips together and 10 other countries alongwith. 

I did get my dolls, the tiny one he got for me from Germany because he couldnt afford the big one then, a large doll  -the one i always wanted came little later from Singapore. Both are my equally treasured possessions. 

I was the only lucky youngone to have accompanied his only couples trip to kashmir in 1981 as i was smallest amongst the lot who was left behind by all parents -an 18 month old he couldnt leave behind. A kashmir trip promised to the other kids never happened later due to conflicts.  He was never a person who express love or emotions literally (thru words or body language), but it was always in the air.

When he was holding the position for Manager in Blue Star, he would organise interstate tours for 40-50 persons groups when there was no internet or google. These were mostly for his office team with their families,. The only  Service Dept. which would indulge into such proactive gatherings unlike the corporate culture then, where everybody was becoming a large family. He would at his disposal send a qualified engineer to do the reiki of the place beforehand and even managed to convince his boss to sponsor these annual trips eventually.  

His colleagues and sub-ordinates still look upto him and manage to keep in touch after 20 yrs post retirement. Did someone say Relationship Building..? At least i wasnt conversant with the corporate terminology during those times.  

He was a Teacher, a mentor  even a councillor for many informally. Even with family friends and relatives , he made better friends with the younger generations probably as the urge to learn more was always alive- and they looked forward for his unbiased guidance and ability to see any aspect in totality. 

Whilst he had started freelancing post retirement, until recently he would make onsite visits  to the customers  who would insist on him coming in person . And he would commute on his byke across mumbai suburbs justifying how convenient and economical that is – as given his age we would think otherwise. 

He loved his bikes. The 1st one was a Rajdoot- we used to call Bobby, I remember , he would make me wipe it , if we wanted a ride!! And the rides were worth it … 

 I insisted for a scooty in my 12th , almost managed to convince him, ( Thats again a luxury in Mumbai as the city has amazing Public transport ) He said, i have to be responsible and that maintain it well and its not just coming and standing out there. I took a back foot and got one for myself after graduation. Then he inquired whether i’ll be able to pay the  EMI as i would be starting an internship then. I agreed and got myself my first vehicle with full downpayment. Its will be  19 yrs old next month.

But he used be always anxious when i would drive a car- n i would sneak the maruti van sometimes..After i bruised a American Embassy car, where he had to compensate from his pocket for an trivial accident (just a scratch that was Americanised to be fatal) , with both sides at equal fault, but the episode had lot of dimensions -and i almost stopped driving. It was he who promptly took to me Worli sea face and got me back on the wheel.    

As  a child at some point apparently one desires a pet… so even i had pestered for one – to which his explanation was that the lifespan of dogs would be 7-10 years and seeing their death would be painful for you. Will see if we can pet a Tortoise! How come did he not teach me how to face death?

‘BABA’ was ‘baba’ to everyone . Funnily it was his pet name. I wonder whether we were calling him Baba because he was the father or because he was just ‘ Baba ‘ for everyone, the way my grandfather was ‘ KAKA’ for all. Also the play he did in his Dadar Orient Highschool with Mirajdar on children enacting elder people where also he role-played the father.  Mothe-baba to cousins, Pravin’ to his friends and just Chopade to his colleagues-Even his younger subordinates would call him by his name and not Sir or Boss as was the trend otherwise. And now ‘Aajo’ to his grandchildren. 

His registered birthdate is 28th October 1947 which he shares with his grandson Moksh. 

Both are crazy cake lovers. For my elder one ‘Osh’ (8) when i told him ‘Aajo’ is no more and not coming back-the first reaction was , so are his tools mine now?.. Coz those priced possessions of AAJO have been his toy tools in the vacation. An attraction bound to develop when you have a handy-man in the house who is continuously busy doing some creative activity with these tools from making a torch out of transparent plastic box to fixing a casing of Tic-tac to the pencil sharpener so the shavings dont fall around the house , to converting a cloth hanger into a mobile stand and a fan from beer can. My whole Architecture happened on a Study table  which could be inverted to make a Drafting board holder was completely inhouse handmade carpentary with ‘discarded’ ply-peices. The off the shelf brand new purchased door closer  could never match the ease and comfort of the home made spring door closer.    There would be several other tiny objects of fun that loved keeping himself occupied with. He would be amazed to see the innovative chinese products of this era like a child . Along with the random stuff collected and reused or upcycled or mended innovatively, the most important thing he never wasted was time. 

The Tiny house in Dadar was a fascination to many. 215 sq.ft abode was like alibaba gufa. So compacted and fit and well- equipped to cater to so many. So inclusive , we used to have all kinds of visitors at all time that Jokingly my friends used to call it ‘ lodging boarding’. It was like a Motel for folks coming from native village either for work or for Mumbai Darshan with family. And my parents being the great hosts that they were made everyone feel at home so quickly. From being their unofficial guides to serving delicious food , it was all inclusive. Even the postman was served water without asking as he had climbed five stories in the hot & humid climate. It was a home that welcomed one and all . For students who came for exams or training , for friends over for drinks and celebration, a place for social gathering, families who shared domestic grievances, a  respite for people stuck in the 2005 floods . Dadar being the central place for convenient travel across the city of Mumbai. It literally meant Stairs that connected the suburbs to the island city. My father loved the place of his birth and was never willing to leave or shift his base else , be it Pune or his other larger residence in Kandivali, Charkop. The city and him, both outlived many disasters before- the riots ,up close the bomb blasts, terrorist attacks, the pandemic was just timed out.   Guess, Dadar was the place close to his heart and from thats where he wanted to climb his steps to heaven. 

Born on 8th october 1947 on Kojagiri Pournima, right after India’s independence, he was a citizen that was a thoroughly sincere , responsible and ethical individual who conducted himself well in the society .  He did not revolutionise anything nor scandalised  and yet  just helped push certain values ahead of what a socially culturally responsible country would aspire the majority of its populace be like ..Do your duty,  stand by the law,  enjoy your freedom.     

My heart was filled with warmth when I read the acknowledgement  letter by the Trustee of a village school where he was invited as a Chief guest-  to get a glimpse of his social standing- which i did not know until then, which he never even mentioned to anybody. 

His greatness never came around as one big achievement but as large ensemble of small little important and not so significant experiences that gave a balanced, enjoyable, safe and secure journey of life. A life cherished by many co-travellers. 

There are things you achieve and things you dont. To make peace with this and identify the spots where one can finds solace- is something we can all learn.  

Most felt this was wrong timing , and 73 wasnt much of age for an active person like him.. But age is just a number and even if it was a 85, a 95 , a 100 we would still want a 101.. We can never have enough of whom we love. But what he did have was life that was overall quite fulfilling , debt free and reasonably happy and prosperous- nothing ever to regret or repent for— substantially satisfying  .  From where he belonged or came from, he had accepted his limitations and done the best that he could possibly do in the given circumstances He did what was in best of his capacity as husband , father , son, brother, grandfather, friend, mentor, citizen – straightforward and risk free, patiently and consciously..  -Simplicity doesnt come easy , it comes after you overcome a lot of complexity .. and it takes its own time to reveal itself  when a lot is foregone...isnt that a job well done ?- isnt that a life well lived ? 

There has been a collision of random memories that keep spurting  and will continue to deluge …. More will occur when people will share there own memories which some have already started ..  

Both the times earlier, that he has had a Heart stroke, 2012 in Mumbai, the day before i was to reach there for the delivery and 2nd time in 2018 (exactly on his 71st birthday)  rarest of the occasion when i was outstation for the weekend- i knew i was not going to be around when he is actually  going to leave me for good .. And every time he would sleep for longer hours a kind of streak of fear would swift through my mind past whole year.. Although,  he had managed to climb the Shivneri fort effortlessly immediately within a month after his 2nd Angioplasty.  He had very high sugar and would yet binge upon a chocolate or a small piece of mithai and loved cakes and never stopped from having those justifying that the medicines were to allow him to do that- else theres no point. So he knew he had to live well until we leave and at some point we all will perish. The vices if someone may say so. 

He was an extremely careful person. I never saw him let loose control of his emotions ever. No yelling , no fights, never bad words. Everything had a composure. The difficulties or worries over health , finance , or work never came out negatively ever. There was always a word of precaution and warnings in everything that revolved around the house and these were issues that were discussed openly and rationally , never emotionally. The strength of a person or the pillar that he was, (not just to us three but to the other connected families) never came out as a matter of fact since he always underplayed it. 

Including the ordeal of leaving us – came with poise- a matter of fact. A draft memo in his personal handset: …..

……..Anyways my days are numbered. Am i unhappy or scared ? No. Not now. 

Me & my wife lived 45 yrs of a happy married life. Have i broken any relation with my relative/ friends due to misbehaviour. No. i dont think so. I am on my own. 

& thanks to all my friends family , doctors and dearness. 

Another personal message to his wife  mentioning not to conduct any post mortal rituals!

No hassles , no burdens , no obligation. He was always on his own.. Till the last breath. Always in control, including a planned systematic departure from this world with a smile.. 

Putting into words, how I perceive him as a person  today  is a lot easier than what he meant to me as a father… BABA may be present only in spirit with us henceforth and to acknowledge him grammatically in past tense will take some time- to  the fact that we are on our own now..IT WILL TAKE SOME TIME TO BUILD AN ACCEPTANCE.  

Late Mr. Pravinchand Chopade 

 (8th October 1947- 6th June 2020) 

And yet there would be so many acknowledgements i am due for here for all the close family friends and relatives who gave us their support in these difficult times  and also while some of them have themselves been in a shock, and wanted to come and meet us ..  To all those who provided a helping hand in this crisis and the hospital staff who diligently supported us….  i take this as an opportunity to thank all of them for making our lives beautiful…

There would be numerous other incidents to add to this memorabilia..,like him taking me to watch ‘ CHAMATKAR’ when i was missing my mom who was travelling… But Chamatkar or magic doesnt happen in real… and so  i have to go call that  Washing machine guy to repair the gasket, cause now i cant keep stuff pending for weeks , to wait for ‘Baba’ to come and fix door stoppers , repair the mixers, change the bulbs, screw the hooks and hinges , drill the nails and so on.. Cause he is not coming back…not anymore..  

Cant forget to remember, 


My Classroom Garden

My Classroom Garden (2nd Std. essay writing , Loyola)


My school is like a huge garden, with lots of trees, big playground and hills behind.

I like to climb the tekdi’s when classes are over.

We play with water when in swimming pool.

Outside there are swings , slides and an open gym.

In summer vacation, i visited Tagores Open classroom

I would also like to sit in open and learn.

But when it rains we will have to go inside!

In my classroom window we had kept pots and watered them.

For a few weeks, the window of my classroom was our tiny garden.

I enjoyed watering my Tulsi plant everyday.


A colour which i relate to

The colour which i relate to the most is GREEN.

The new football ground in my school has become green and soft due to lawn.

There are lot of Trees and greenery in school and in Aundh where i stay.

I think green is favourite colour of Mother Nature too!

Green leafy vegetables are good for health.

My favourite fruits Pear watermelon and banana are green in colour.

There are many shades of green, like olive green, parrot green, dark green.

We get green colour when we mix blue and yellow colour.

Hence it is called a secondary colour.

Fortunately, i belong to the Green House and i am proud of it!


Happy periods – Menstrual Cups

Generally I am a very Internet- lazy , shopping lazy, non tech savvy person -so never did a  online review of products or places etc.., -but this time -its a bit different. This one bears a moral responsibilty especially Being an Indian women!.. & hence the effort- more so becoz no one else is going to do it-;)

So coming to the point-

Finally in a comfort zone -where I can authoritatively pen a review the MENSTRUAL CUP- after 2 successful ‘non-messy’- ‘sanitary padless’ periods!! 

(Well of course I have experienced my own share of fears – how shall I pull it out anxiety – what do I do—?  Will have to visit the Gynec.etc., but came out of all that., ) 

As they say, its always difficult in the beginning-but once the obstacles pass..-it’s a pleasure path.. so high time to share this bliss with the hesitant ones..

FYI,  I used ‘Boondh’ cups ordered them from Ecotrunk- for ₹600/-

Tips for first timers : do not panic while removing ;- just remember there are 4 holes at the top edge, so if you press the cup a little above the bottom tip , it lets air out & releases the cup & then it can be easily pulled out .. now I have almost mastered the art & can do it without spilling ..

I suggest stop procrastinating & go for it-

… not just because you will end up saving on some pennies (If you spend approx 100/- bucks per period by the end of  6 periods its free for almost lifetime..!


not because sanitary pads are also unreliable many times

not just coz we need to reduce generating non-biodegradable waste!

not because we are damaging the cityscape!

not just becoz  its an  Eco friendly way!

Not because you need a shift in lifestyle!

But just becoz you deserve a litttle more Freedom!


…wish you all ..Happy periods!! 

पाऊस – कालचा …आजचा !

कालचा पाऊस , पाण्यातली नौका ..  

आजचा पाऊस , ट्रॅफिक जॅम चा धोका !


तो म्हणजे , ओल्या मातीचा वास ..  

हा घेऊन येतो व्हायरलची साथ !  


त्याने आठवतो भाजी आणि वडापाव ..

हा घालतो फूड पोइसोनिंग चा घाव !


त्याच्यासोबत येत असे भिजण्याचा उत्साह..

ह्यचाबरोबर येतो आजारी पडण्याचा सप्ताह !


तेव्हां…  रोमांचक आठवणींची हिरवाई दाट..  

आता ?! रस्त्यातील खड्ड्यांनी लावली वाट !

तेव्हा तो मातीत झिरपायचा , वर्षभर पुरायचा

आता इकडे  तुंबायचा तिकडे पूर येयचा.. भविष्याच घोर  लावायचा …


कधी काळी तो  झाडांना जीवन अन धरणीला सिंचन ..

आजकाल घेतो शेतकऱ्यांचे भांडवल अन देतो नळाला आश्वासन !


तेव्हा दिसे चिमणीचे लग्न अन इंद्रधनुचे सप्तरंग ..

आता नजरेस पडतात कचरा अन प्लॅस्टिकचे उलटले डोह !


तेव्हा असे विसर्जनाचे माध्यम — आता तुटलेल्या हात-पायांचे प्रदर्शन !


तो म्हणजे वर्ष ऋतूचे सौंदर्य अन साजरेपण !

हा .. आपल्याच क्षारांचे विदारक चित्रण …


आजचा पाऊस करी अस्वस्थ असहाय …..

कालच्यासाठी मन वढाय वढाय………  


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