My Classroom Garden

My Classroom Garden (2nd Std. essay writing , Loyola)


My school is like a huge garden, with lots of trees, big playground and hills behind.

I like to climb the tekdi’s when classes are over.

We play with water when in swimming pool.

Outside there are swings , slides and an open gym.

In summer vacation, i visited Tagores Open classroom

I would also like to sit in open and learn.

But when it rains we will have to go inside!

In my classroom window we had kept pots and watered them.

For a few weeks, the window of my classroom was our tiny garden.

I enjoyed watering my Tulsi plant everyday.


A colour which i relate to

The colour which i relate to the most is GREEN.

The new football ground in my school has become green and soft due to lawn.

There are lot of Trees and greenery in school and in Aundh where i stay.

I think green is favourite colour of Mother Nature too!

Green leafy vegetables are good for health.

My favourite fruits Pear watermelon and banana are green in colour.

There are many shades of green, like olive green, parrot green, dark green.

We get green colour when we mix blue and yellow colour.

Hence it is called a secondary colour.

Fortunately, i belong to the Green House and i am proud of it!


Happy periods – Menstrual Cups

Generally I am a very Internet- lazy , shopping lazy, non tech savvy person -so never did a  online review of products or places etc.., -but this time -its a bit different. This one bears a moral responsibilty especially Being an Indian women!.. & hence the effort- more so becoz no one else is going to do it-;)

So coming to the point-

Finally in a comfort zone -where I can authoritatively pen a review the MENSTRUAL CUP- after 2 successful ‘non-messy’- ‘sanitary padless’ periods!! 

(Well of course I have experienced my own share of fears – how shall I pull it out anxiety – what do I do—?  Will have to visit the Gynec.etc., but came out of all that., ) 

As they say, its always difficult in the beginning-but once the obstacles pass..-it’s a pleasure path.. so high time to share this bliss with the hesitant ones..

FYI,  I used ‘Boondh’ cups ordered them from Ecotrunk- for ₹600/-

Tips for first timers : do not panic while removing ;- just remember there are 4 holes at the top edge, so if you press the cup a little above the bottom tip , it lets air out & releases the cup & then it can be easily pulled out .. now I have almost mastered the art & can do it without spilling ..

I suggest stop procrastinating & go for it-

… not just because you will end up saving on some pennies (If you spend approx 100/- bucks per period by the end of  6 periods its free for almost lifetime..!


not because sanitary pads are also unreliable many times

not just coz we need to reduce generating non-biodegradable waste!

not because we are damaging the cityscape!

not just becoz  its an  Eco friendly way!

Not because you need a shift in lifestyle!

But just becoz you deserve a litttle more Freedom!


…wish you all ..Happy periods!! 

पाऊस – कालचा …आजचा !

कालचा पाऊस , पाण्यातली नौका ..  

आजचा पाऊस , ट्रॅफिक जॅम चा धोका !


तो म्हणजे , ओल्या मातीचा वास ..  

हा घेऊन येतो व्हायरलची साथ !  


त्याने आठवतो भाजी आणि वडापाव ..

हा घालतो फूड पोइसोनिंग चा घाव !


त्याच्यासोबत येत असे भिजण्याचा उत्साह..

ह्यचाबरोबर येतो आजारी पडण्याचा सप्ताह !


तेव्हां…  रोमांचक आठवणींची हिरवाई दाट..  

आता ?! रस्त्यातील खड्ड्यांनी लावली वाट !

तेव्हा तो मातीत झिरपायचा , वर्षभर पुरायचा

आता इकडे  तुंबायचा तिकडे पूर येयचा.. भविष्याच घोर  लावायचा …


कधी काळी तो  झाडांना जीवन अन धरणीला सिंचन ..

आजकाल घेतो शेतकऱ्यांचे भांडवल अन देतो नळाला आश्वासन !


तेव्हा दिसे चिमणीचे लग्न अन इंद्रधनुचे सप्तरंग ..

आता नजरेस पडतात कचरा अन प्लॅस्टिकचे उलटले डोह !


तेव्हा असे विसर्जनाचे माध्यम — आता तुटलेल्या हात-पायांचे प्रदर्शन !


तो म्हणजे वर्ष ऋतूचे सौंदर्य अन साजरेपण !

हा .. आपल्याच क्षारांचे विदारक चित्रण …


आजचा पाऊस करी अस्वस्थ असहाय …..

कालच्यासाठी मन वढाय वढाय………  


  • प्रवाह , २२ जुलै २०१८

Bathroom Stories

(My rendezvous with Osh@5.5 yrs)
Day 1:
After-effect of Sholay watched last week-after every bath he’s been wrapped in towel since childhood, now comes out with the dialogue – ‘Ye haath mujhe de de thakur ( Bandit to landlord – give me your hands Thakur)..
Today the question came…Aai – How does Thakur take bath ?
Thank god..the conversation curtailed there!
Wonder if Butterfly Jet fixture was invented after Sholay?!

Day 2:
Background: i keep telling him any book is knowledge & shouldnt be manhandled else Saraswati ( Godess of Knowledge) will get angry or Annadevta will get furiuos ,when food is left out etc.,

Today , the unfathomable question popped out-
Which is the god for She & Shu ( peepee & potty!)

Never thought i would ever ponder over checking the list of 330 million gods ,
to see which one is meant for ‘Wastage’
(Ofcourse god doesnt create any waste, so he might not have thought of it!)
But with the human psychology of generating it a lot of it in this era- may be we need a ‘GOD of Wastage’ or ‘Goddess of Recycle’ to address the issue.
O God..!

Loyola cut

Social norms & peer pressure at 4 !

My son with our initial inhibition got into a boys convent school (of good repute & legacy )
As a child, he barely had any hair on his head.., so we patiently waited for it to grow..,
Until he was about 3 yrs we did not go for a haircut.
Although we had his ears pierced with earrings in them (as per Hindu customs ), we did not go bald ( another Hindu custom) for better quality strands
Till then he was too small to bother for preschool teachers flippant comments over these so called feminine aspects.
He even enjoyed the 2 pony tails when they were told to be like mickey Mouses..

Later overhearing discussion of going to big school, my son who had been preoccupied with this idea since some now started getting worried .., I tried to explain to him that ..,hair is a beautiful element that defines ones personality & probably the only ones that human civilisation preserved after giving up the tail & body hair- apart from the aesthetics of course may be also to protect the most important organ -brain -as human body became upright.

I personally believe that ,physical expressions empower the mind . Hence long hair would ingrains the tendency to take care & preserve sensitivities.

So I told him what the stories told – that in olden days men always had long hair earlier. Mythological heroes like Shiva,  Krishna, Arjuna or Ram & many saints , sadhus also do have long hair. Also the more recent -an extremely intelligent & sensitive & multitalented personality as Ravindranath Tagore, also had really long hair etc..,
In fact while telling him I realised even Jesus Christ had long hair..!!

then how & when on this earth did this industrialisation of hairstyle come in Catholic schools?!
As a boy does he really need to be  that worried about the Length of his hair?!

All efforts in vain ,I tried to convince myself n told him ‘after all it is not that important also to be bothered about so much -so let’s just cut it.., & trimmed his hair myself once or twice.

However with the big school admission, we finally decided to go for a proper haircut.

That’s when we had our first encounter with the ‘Loyola cut’ , the term coined by us after the local barber chopped his hair like scraping off a coconut shell when he came to know schoolname where my son would belong ….


Leisure ( poetry)

I sit back on the hill top n watch highway move below
…the air absorbed – sound diffused
a sense of disjunct.…I wonder?

Rest underneath shade where the harsh sunlight cant penetrate
…I thank the banyan for a Sheilding pleasure!

Watch the sun set ….ephemeral treasure
Float on the water…. Divinity-cant measure!

sparkling night sky above, blissful time
Dance with the yellow fields.….unwind
Echo yourself in the deep valley
…. release the mind

Fall from the Cliff….freeze the moment
Hear the endless waves…..fill time n space
Listen to chirping birds….conversate
Follow the shadow…reciprocate

Trailing Path ….. amidst a forest
….. I seek no destination
Lost on the Golden dunes
….Solitaire or ostentation?”

Observe the Seasons change
…. smell the flowers surround
…is it the Eternal life unbound…??

I ask thou…my friend
…wat is leisure?
…what else is leisure?!!

– Chichee , 2009, Doon

( published as a part of ISOLA, Goa conference, 2010, based on theme ‘leisure’ )